Giving Back

Have a Heart Campaign 

We want to introduce you to Connie, a longtime friend and colleague of the lighting industry. While Connie has faced her fair share of hardships, her six-year-old daughter, Sophia has recently been diagnosed with Leukemia. Connie’s sole focus has been on Sophia’s health and happiness. While trying to manage the high cost of healthcare, her main goal is keeping a smile on Sophia’s face.

LED Lighting Inc. will donate a percentage of orders received from February 14th through the end of the month to benefit Connie’s daughter and their family. If you are moved by Connie’s story and want to help, contact


 Foundations College Prep

Foundations College Prep is a public 6-12 school serving the students of Chicago’s Roseland community beginning in the fall of 2014. Our mission is to empower youth to thrive in college and life by giving them access to innovative educators who teach them to think critically, live with honor, and strive for a better self and world.

For more information email or visit their website.


Emmaus Ministries 

Emmaus Ministries reaches out to men in survival prostitution on the streets of Chicago, men who sell themselves to other men to survive. Through nightly outreach teams and a daytime drop-in center (Ministry Center), Emmaus staff and volunteers build relationships of trust with these men, working together to help them get off the streets and develop a life-transforming relationship with Jesus Christ.

For more information call 773.334.6063 or visit


Orsini Nicaragua Vision Trip

“My first trip to Nicaragua radically impacted the goals and compassions I prioritize in my life. Having now been back five more times, I’ve come to realize that my experiences in Nicaragua---the children I have met, the partners I’ve worked alongside—have inspired me to use every skill and resource that I have and that I’ve built into my company, on behalf of children desperately in need of faithful men and women who cannot sit back while others suffer. I am so privileged to rescue children from the poverty they’re born into, and my life, and my company, have been utterly changed because of these children”.

From Tony Orsini | Founder and CEO of Orsini Healthcare


Statistics from Nicaragua


Orsini Nicaragua Vision Trip | FAQs

What is a Vision Trip?

A Vision Trip brings you face to face with abandoned, abused and vulnerable children. We introduce you to our orphanages and feeding centers and share our mission and vision for the children we serve. We need partners in raising our children to new life – a vision trip will expose you to realities in a developing country and help identify how YOU can help.

What will we do?

ORPHANetwork loves to think of a trip in terms of: Expose, Engage, Impact. You’ll be exposed to life in a developing country; engaged with the poor; and ultimately see how you can impact our children in Nicaragua.

Lodging and Meals?

Lodging and Meals: Casa Bernabe orphanage Team Center, Excellent food and wonderful accommodations.

Where in Nicaragua?

Orsini Healthcare partners with orphanages and feeding centers literally across the country. Your group will stay in and around Managua. We want to connect you with our children, so expect visits to different partner sites all day long.

How’s the weather?

Nicaragua has a wet season and a dry season – over summer is the beginning of their wet season. It’s hot, but never unbearably so; expect high 80 degree weather daily.

Are you coming with us?

Tony Orsini will be personally leading all Vision Trips. He has a passion to involve other business people in making a substantial difference in the world. Tony will tell you how Nicaragua has changed and blessed his life. He can never return to the old ways.


From Dick Anderson
Executive Director, ORPHANetwork

The partnership with Orsini Healthcare is incredible. Working with Tony, and alongside his employees, has made our organization more effective in caring for vulnerable children and raising them up to new life. Tony’s vision to extend medical care to every child we serve is far-reaching and of enormous value to the Kingdom of God. Children’s lives are not being changed momentarily—we are together reaching children for Jesus Christ, and their lives are changing eternally. That’s so exciting to us.

The Orsini Vision Trip details.

Check out ORPHANetwork at for more general information, links to recent blogs and videos, and a vision of who we work with and how you can be a part of it. Contact