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LED T8 Tube Lights Designed for Easy Installation

Our LED lighting company offers the latest and greatest technology in the lighting industry, serving customers across the nation. With traditional bulbs slowly fading out of style, our LED lights are energy efficient and lower in cost.

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LED Lighting’s T8 tubes are a great source of light for any low-lit space. We offer a variety of LED T8 Tube Light styles and can also create custom LED tube lights for your application.

All our LED tube lights include customizable options of dimming, color, length, and retrofitting. Our expert LED lighting manufacturers help you select the best T8 Tube for any room, fixture, or piece of furniture. Showcase your cabinets, stairs, or ceiling with our other LED tape, puck lighting, or Versa Bar products. Quality counts when you choose LED Lighting Inc.

LED Tube Lights for Commercial & Residential Applications

LED Lighting makes a wide variety of LED lighting fixtures for any part of your home or business. From master bathrooms to hotels and casinos, our Illinois lighting company does it all:

Commercial Residential

Restaurant, café, & bar

Park, garden, & sports complex


Retail displays & storefront

Public restroom

Outdoor sculpture

Hotel, casino, & pool


Movie theatre

Restaurant kitchen

Concert venue

Outdoor landscape


Home office




Outdoor living

Rec room

Personal bar



Outdoor landscape



Contact LED Lighting online to order LED tube lights for your home, business or project. 


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T8 Ballast Compatible Replacement Lamp LED Tube Light LLI-T8BC-G3-4-18-3000-C-S-P1-I FULL DESCRIPTION
T8 Double-sided Viewing LED Tube Light LLI-T10DBL-2-3000-C-S-P1 FULL DESCRIPTION
T8 G3 LED Replacement Lamp LLI-T8-G3-4-18-5000-C-S-P1-E FULL DESCRIPTION