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Effortlessly Supplying Power to All LED Lighting Styles

LED Lighting Inc. offers countless designs for commercial and residential lighting. For each application, the proper power source must be connected. We provide several different LED drivers for all of our styles, keeping the light on throughout the day.

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The LED light manufacturing company features all kinds of power devices, under the following categories:

  • Plug In Drivers
  • Hardwire Electronic – Non Dimmable
  • Hardwire Magnetic Dimmable Drivers
  • Hardwire Electronic Forward Phase Dimmable

Custom LED Lighting for Commercial & Residential Properties

Depending on the type of LED lighting style you want, LED drivers can provide just the right amount of power. Our LED drivers are great for illuminating small spaces and corners.

Commercial Residential

Restaurant, café, & bar

Park, garden, & sports complex


Retail displays & storefront

Public restroom

Outdoor sculpture

Hotel, casino, & pool


Movie theatre

Restaurant kitchen

Concert venue

Outdoor landscape


Home office




Outdoor living

Rec room

Personal bar



Outdoor landscape


Placed under cabinet lights, tape lights, or for linear lighting, LED drivers conceal well to keep the look clean. Depending on the model type, assorting features include aluminum enclosure, 2 knock-outs for easy installation, waterproof, and dimmers. Make the most out of your LED lighting decor; check out our LED T8 tube lights, and extensive variety of other styles today. 

Contact our LED lighting stylists and installation services for information on LED drivers, T8 tube lights, and more.