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The Power of LED in the Palm of Your Hand

One of the benefits in LED lights is the ability to adjust color temperatures and lighting. With our custom dimmers and controllers, your lighting can be changed with a simple touch or click of a button. It can’t get any easier.

LED dimmers are great for:

LED Lighting Inc. provides several types of LED controllers and dimmers, including:

  • RGB(W) Controllers
  • Amplifiers
  • App Based Controllers
  • DMX Controllers & Decoders
  • Line-Voltage Dimmers
  • Low Voltage Dimmers

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LED Dimmers for Every Function

With an LED dimmer, you have total control of the mood. LED Lighting’s dimmers and controllers can be paired with other lighting products for maximum effect.

Commercial Residential

Restaurant, café, & bar

Park, garden, & sports complex


Retail displays & storefront

Public restroom

Outdoor sculpture

Hotel, casino, & pool


Movie theatre

Restaurant kitchen

Concert venue

Outdoor landscape


Home office




Outdoor living

Rec room

Personal bar



Outdoor landscape


Our led controllers feature single & multiple color-dimming settings, varying temperatures, and easy hand-held control via WIFI. They can even be controlled from your smartphone or tablet!

Take your lit room from dull to classy with our other LED lighting styles like our tape lights, Versa Bars, and puck lights. We provide top-grade LED lights for those who want a decorative transformation in their home or business. 

Contact our LED light dimmer manufacturers at LED Lighting Inc. for convenient and efficient control. 


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