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LED Lighting Inc. Keeps the Illumination Going

We supply the proper power cords for long-lasting LED lighting in your home or business. Whether your LEDs are hidden around corners, or out in the open, our Illinois LED lighting company provides all the connectors you need.

We offer the following LED connectors:

  • Versa Bar Connectors
  • Versa2 Connectors
  • Slide Connectors
  • Click Connectors

Our specially-made slide and click connectors have several useful features, including splicing and multiple design compatibility. Variations of Versa Bar connectors include 45- or 90-degree corner linear lighting, flying wire lead, and motion sensors. These connectors make our LED products extremely versatile.

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We provide you with the perfect custom LED lighting solution for your specific application. Our LEDs are energy efficient, custom-crafted, and brilliantly lit, making them ideal for virtually any location. Check out our other designs for more lighting inspiration.

Contact our LED connectors and accessories experts at LED Lighting Inc. today.