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Versatile LED Lighting for Commercial & Residential Applications

LED lighting is the way of the future; it lasts longer, shines brighter, and is far more cost-effective than traditional lighting. With customers on a tighter budget these days, the best solution lies with us. Don’t settle for outdated bulbs and an empty wallet; turn to LED Lighting Inc. for quality lighting and contemporary designs.

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LED Lighting Company Decorates Any Room with Custom Fixtures

Our decorative LED lights are great for any corner of the home, office, or anywhere else:

Commercial Residential

Restaurant, café, & bar

Park, garden, & sports complex


Retail displays & storefront

Public restroom

Outdoor sculpture

Hotel, casino, & pool


Movie theatre

Restaurant kitchen

Concert venue

Outdoor landscape


Home office




Outdoor living

Rec room

Personal bar



Outdoor landscape


Illinois LED Lighting Manufacturers Take Design to the Next Level

LED Lighting Inc. crafts all custom LED lighting fixtures with you in mind. From color variety to easy installation, our lights are great for any application.

Design and function choices include:

Our LED lighting is also customizable; changing colors, brightness, and voltage use with a click of a remote, tablet, or smartphone. The professionals at LED Lighting Inc. are waiting to serve you. We help you choose the best application and design for your specific lighting needs. The possibilities are endless.

Contact the LED lighting manufacturers at LED Lighting Inc. today.