LED Lighting for Movie Theaters & Stage Productions

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LED Lighting Inc. provides all kinds of lighting fixtures for stage performances, public movie theaters, and home theater design. The commercial and residential theater LED lighting possibilities are endless – our variety of different shapes can satisfy any style. We carry:

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LED Lighting Designs for Commercial Movie Theater Interiors & Exteriors

Lights, camera, action! Pass the popcorn under our assortment of LED lighting fixtures, which are perfect for every angle and corner of a public movie theater lobby, auditorium, or even the bar. Interior lights include:

LED lights are great for theater outdoor settings due to their resilience in harsh weather, energy efficiency, long lifespan, and small size. Our LED lighting designs can be used for the following exterior movie theater fixtures:

Check out our commercial property LED lighting gallery and channel the Hollywood vibe with classy lighting décor today!

LED Lighting Ideas for the Ultimate Home Theater Experience

Our energy efficient lighting is a great option for outfitting your home theater. From LED ceiling accent lighting to floor aisle and stair lights, LED Lighting Inc. has the latest technology and best variety in LED light designs. We also provide custom LED lighting for your one-of-a-kind home theater project.

LED Lighting Inc. can outfit all of your home theater fixtures, including:

Get the VIP treatment in your very own home, with our LED lighting designs and fixtures for theaters. Contact our Illinois LED lighting company today for a free quote!

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Professional LED Lighting for Stage Performances & Concerts

Indoor and outdoor performance venues need proper lighting, no matter the size of the stage. From front row groupies to lawn seat fans, all concert goers want a positive and memorable experience.  Our LED lighting manufacturers provide contemporary stage lighting, including:

Typical fluorescent bulbs don’t last as long as LEDs, produce excessive heat, and have a limited number of color variants. There are several benefits in choosing LED lighting for performance stages and venues, which include:

LED Lighting Inc. manufactures fixtures and custom designs for commercial movie theaters, home theaters, and performance venues. We also provide LED lighting for bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and more.

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