LED Lighting for Shops & Storefronts

Showcase Apparel, Jewelry, Footwear, & More with Illinois LED LightingLED lighting for boutiques Company

LED Lighting Inc. supplies lighting for shops, boutiques, and storefronts. Whether you want jewelry to really sparkle or spotlight a featured product, adequate lighting is an essential sales tool. Adding light creates an extra layer of depth and beauty to your shop and draws customers’ attention.

LED Lighting in Illinois offers a full selection of white and color-changing lights, which are perfect for commercial applications. Florescent bulbs only offer one color, but we offer an array programmable lights, including:

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Great Lighting Isn’t Just for Photography

LED lighting has limitless retail potential. View our LED lighting photo gallery to see how we have transformed stores, boutiques, and shops into eye-catching displays.  

LED Tape Lighting

LED tape lighting is often installed behind or underneath retail shelving for clothing, shoes, body care, and more. LEDs highlight products and showcases details that can’t be seen with average lighting.  

LED Versa Bars

LED versa bars are used for jewelry display case lighting. Watches, rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are beautiful on their own, but strategically-placed LED lighting makes them sparkle and shine – irresistible to shoppers!

LED Puck Lighting

Puck lights are a great choice for spotlighting products that are brand new or on sale. Don’t need a ton of space to showcase? LED Lighting Inc. provides different puck light styles to fit whatever space you desire.

LED T8 Tube Lighting

LED tubes are used to light an entire storefront display. Tube lights are great for highlighting mannequins, furniture, electronics, and more.

Energy-Saving LED Lighting

LED lighting is far more efficient than standard light bulbs. Installing energy-zapping light bulbs are costly! LED lighting offers beautiful, adjustable light in a variety of colors and will last 3x longer than bulky florescent bulbs.

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