Commercial LED Lighting for Restaurants, Bars, & Cafes

Elegant Eatery LED Design from Illinois Lighting CompanyEnjoy 'Happy Hour' surrounded by stylish commercial LED lighting

Your food joint might boast about their show-stopping entrees, but what about the atmosphere? Aside from the food, restaurants, cafes, and bars across Illinois must keep their interior appetizing and attractive to patrons. The menu might be delicious; however, the lack of classy lighting will drive diners away.

These days, restaurants are all about the ambience and experience. The food industry continuously strives to dazzle foodies with the next best thing. Follow these simple tips from LED Lighting Inc. to create a better customer experience and boost your business:

LED lights are perfect for bars and eateries due to their long-lasting life and energy efficiency. From initial concept to final installation, we are the lighting experts who handle it all. Let Illinois’s commercial LED lighting company create a one-of-a-kind design for you!

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Restaurant Lighting Fixtures for the Hungry Crowd

Feature open buffets or sit-down service? The type of lighting selection depends on the offered dining experience. Keep the profit rolling in with our custom-built restaurant LED light fixtures:    

LED Lighting Inc. will recommend the best type of light and control for your specific location. The lights best for the atmosphere of a late night bar will be very different from those used at a family diner.

Belly Up to the Bar with Innovative Lighting Designs  

Lounges, bars, and clubs also share the need for the perfect atmosphere and vibe. Bar-goers who love the nightlife flock to stylish establishments to let loose and want the environment to match. This means appropriate lighting design, which can be installed anywhere, including:

The type of bar you own determines the lighting style and other interior elements. What best describes your business: 

By answering these questions, you’re taking the first step to finding the right lighting solution for your business. Don’t know what LED to choose? Our bar interior LED lighting experts know how to create the best setting with illumination. Trust our Illinois lighting company to get it right the first time.

Café LED Lighting Creates Quaint & Cozy Atmosphere

Cafés aren’t as wild and loud compared to nightclubs. A lunch date, study session, or business meeting require a much quieter environment, including the ambience lighting. Ultra-bright lighting can get too distracting and intimidating, yet low-lighting is not enough for patrons hoping to read or work on their computers.  

LED Lighting perfects the art of commercial illumination with their eye for style and sophistication. We feature the industry’s cutting-edge technology in LEDs and install custom-made fixtures for the following:

No matter the space or schematic, we outfit your coffee corner with the best LED lighting. Call us for more style ideas now!

Inviting Exterior Lighting for Food Establishments

The exterior of an eating establishment serves as a customer’s very first impression. Poor entrance lighting, signage, and lack of parking lights instantly gives customers a ‘red flag’ of instant regret. They’re already judging your restaurant before even taking a bite.

Create a great first impression with LED Lighting Inc. We supply Versa bars, tape lights, and LED tubes, perfect for any restaurant outdoor parking lot, entrance way, advertisement, or decorative sculpture. We also supply LED specialty lighting for offices, especially small restaurant offices. Trust our commercial LED lighting experts for grade-A quality and friendly service.

Shop our LED lighting fixtures for restaurants, cafés, and bars from LED Lighting Inc. today!