LED Lighting for Parks, Plazas, Gardens, & Sports Complexes

Illinois LED Company Provides Lighting Fixtures for Outdoor Effects

baseball field lighting

LED Lighting Inc. features several different LED products to liven up and accentuate unique outdoor structures. In the daytime, public parks are beautiful thanks to natural lighting. At night, LED lighting takes center stage. The right lighting drastically changes the atmosphere without any expensive construction. It’s a simple way to make outdoor areas safer at night.

Our Illinois LED lighting company outfits any-size park, garden, or outdoor sports complex with energy efficient LED fixtures. We provide puck lighting, Versa Bars, tape lights, and more for an energy efficient alternative and cost-effective price. Custom LED lighting for outdoor parks is also an option for more complex designs and sculptures

Bring Outdoor Parks & Plazas to Life with Premium LED Lighting

Public parks and plazas are a great way to enjoy the outdoors but still have modern comforts. Parks these days are more than just grass and walkways, they focus on all types of activities.

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The more popular types of parks include:  

Business plazas can be more industrial in design and typically include local cuisine, shopping, sitting areas, and more.

We provide LED lighting fixtures for all plaza design elements, including:

LED Lighting Transforms the Public Garden into a Majestic Wonder

Public gardens are a great place for the local community to take-in the fresh air, enjoy the sights, and relax outdoors. Whether grandiose or simple, gardens bring the beauty of nature to one place. Popular styles of gardens include:

Gardens have evolved into more than just a place for showcasing plants and flowers. Many gardens include architectural features for a modern spin on an old tradition:  

Our Illinois LED lighting company supplies different shapes and fixtures for public outdoor gardens. The more specific the garden, the more creative the lighting design options. Contact LED Lighting Inc. today for a free quote!

Score Big with LED Lighting for Outdoor Sports Parks & Arenas

LED Lighting Inc. provides light fixtures for sports parks, stadiums, and arenas. Sufficient lighting for physical activity is important, but LEDs are far more effective in cost, lighting, and longevity, compared to fluorescent lights.

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Athletic complexes and parks vary with the type of sport:

We have a complete variety of LED lights to fit your sports complex, park, or arena. Find your style with our LED tape lights, T8 tubes, puck lights, and Versa bars.

Contact our Illinois lighting company for park, plaza, & outdoor sports complex LED lighting now!