Attractive LED Lighting for Hotels, Pools, & Casinos

Rest Your Head Under Classy Lighting from LED Lighting Inc.Las Vegas main strip

Hotels and resorts are meant for ultimate relaxation and enjoying life without the 9-5 grind. Whether it be a road trip, business conference, or quick weekend getaway, the end result will always include some form of leisure. Shouldn’t the lighting be relaxing and not a reminder of the bare bulbs at the office?

LED Lighting Inc. features all types of lighting for hotels, which showcases its architectural beauty and novelties. We provide lighting fixtures for:

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Whether you need a small or large lighting addition to your resort, we’ve got you covered. Our wide selection of LED products can be used anywhere for maximum lighting and ambience. Bring your hotel to life with our premium LED lighting; call our Illinois lighting manufactures today to get a free quote and more information!

Exquisite Casino LED Fixtures for Testing Your Luck

Win by the higher hand and add exquisite LED lighting to your resort’s gambling area. Adding colorful lights to any corner of the casino dramatically changes the atmosphere and attracts guests into gambling.  

Take your casino to a new level and add LED lighting to:

You don’t have to bet against the odds with LED Lighting Inc. We manufacture the most unique and innovative lighting fixtures for a beautiful decorative touch.

LED Lighting for Pools, Waterfalls, & Cabanas that Up the "Wow" Factor

Leisure and luxury go hand-in-hand with indoor or outdoor pools for hotels and resorts. Setting the bar high for your pool area includes adding underwater lighting, accent LEDs underneath fountains, and soothing backlights in the cabanas.

If you’re looking for basic in-ground pool lighting or colorful coordination along with an entire outdoor deck, our pool LED lighting manufacturers build custom fixtures for everything under the sun. We outfit all indoor and outdoor pools and other water features, including:   

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Illinois Lighting Company Sets Themselves Apart with LED Fixtures & Components

LED lighting is a better illumination option compared to other types of bulbs. LEDs are brighter, smaller in size, and have a longer lifespan than traditional lightbulbs, which proves a high-level of cost effectiveness. Since resorts, hotels, and other entertainment venues often need a lot of lighting in common areas and individual rooms, LEDs are the way to save money.

Don’t know which type of LED fixture would put your hotel in the best lighting? Our commercial LED lighting installation professionals know exactly what you need to make your resort shine like a diamond in the rough.

Versa Bars

LED Tape Lights

Puck Lights

LED Tubes


- Connectors

Aside from resort lighting, we also supply fixtures for hotel kitchens, and more.

Need special LED lighting for hotels, pools, or casinos? Call LED Lighting Inc. today!