LED Lighting Design for Garage

Illinois Lighting Company Provides Premium LEDs 

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Garages are for all different types of uses, but the lighting is what really improves its function. Appropriate garage lighting increases safety in parking structures, improves sight in the repair bays, and showcases your new convertible display.

LED Lighting Inc. provides several fixtures to make your garage truly unique. From Versa Bars to puck lights, the possibilities are endless. We outfit garages of all sizes, shapes, and foundations with high quality lighting:

Want to upgrade a dull garage without the cost of a full renovation? LED Lighting Inc. is your answer to superior lighting with professional service and classy fixtures.

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Safe & Stylish Commercial Garages

Parking garages, repair shops, and storage facilities all require sufficient lighting for improved efficiency and safety. If your business runs 24/7, having quality lighting is essential to functional operation during late hours.

LED Lighting Inc. creates custom fixtures for garages of all types, including:

Parking structures built from underground and up are typically used by sizable commercial buildings to provide convenient parking for visitors. The larger the facility, the bigger the parking garage and the harder it is to keep the premises well lit. A dark parking structure is a popular target for criminals hoping to steal cars or rob unsuspecting people. Low lighting can make it difficult for drivers to see, leading to fender benders. Sufficient lighting will keep employees and customers safe from crime and vehicles safe from accidents.

LED lighting is a great option for parking garages in:

Our commercial LED lighting company supplies uniquely-styled LED fixtures for business garages of all sizes. No matter the location, our lighting experts have the knowledge in choosing the perfect component for you. Contact us today for a free quote!

Home Garages Need Superior LED Lighting

What’s more annoying than no lighting in your home garage? Dim, ineffective lighting! Most residential garages only have one overhead light, often part of a garage door opening system. The fluorescent bulbs under-deliver in all the wrong places. They don’t illuminate the entire garage and are a pain to replace.  

LED lights are great for your garage at home. They shine brighter and last longer than traditional fluorescent bulbs. LEDs are the right choice for any home garage, especially those doubling as a workshop or storage area.

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Our LED lighting company caters to all types of home garages:

There are many types of LED lights which can be matched to your garage. Puck lights can make it easy to find items kept in storage, while Versa Bars provide high-powered lighting where you need it when working with tools. Our LED experts will determine what type of lighting you need based on use. Call LED Lighting Inc. for a free quote today!  

Best LED Lighting System for Garages

Fluorescent bulbs for garage lighting are a thing of the past. They are super sensitive to temperature changes and doesn’t shine as bright compared as LEDs. Fluorescent bulbs don’t last as long either, which takes a little more out of your wallet every time you have to replace a burnt bulb.

LED bulbs are a great choice for lighting garages. LEDs are flexible in design, available in several different colors, and can fit almost anywhere. Overall advantages include:

-Longer lifespan

-Smaller in size

-Durable in extreme temperature changes

-Requires less energy

Our Illinois LED lighting company provides all kinds of lighting options for garages. Whether you need lighting for a commercial parking garage, auto repair shop, or your own home garage, we have the perfect LED fixture. Don’t DIY your way into a mess; call us at 847-412-4880 today! 

Need LED Lighting for a parking, car, or repair garage? Contact our Illinois custom LED light company now.