Rec Room and Finished Basement Lighting

Child Playing in BasementLED Lights for Warm and Functional Basements

Finished basements are growing in popularity across the Midwest. One of the only problems with a furnished basement area is the lack of natural light. LED Lighting Inc. fills these basements with ambient, energy efficient lights.

Basements are ideal for:

The options are endless when you choose LED lights from LED Lighting Inc.

Lighting Variety with LEDs

Recessed Home Theater Lighting

There are many lights available for basements, including:

LED lights can be customized to add ambiance to your finished basement. Dimmers control how much light in is the room, easily adjustable for movie nights or special occasions. You can even have different colored lights to add some fun to the décor.

Utilize Your Basement with the Right Lights

Use LED lights to have fun with your basement. Transform your basement into the ultimate game room or personal movie theater with LED lights. Set up a rec room for kids to play in or a second living room.

LED lights also do wonders for functional basement rooms. You’ll want strong lights in a laundry area so you can spot every stain and snagged thread.

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Basement Laundry RoomThe LED Light Advantage for Illinois Homeowners

LED lights have many benefits for property owners in Illinois. For starters, LED lights are more energy-efficient than traditional light bulbs. They also last longer, making them better for the environment with fewer replacement bulbs needed. Their lower excess energy output means the area around the bulb won’t overheat if left on for an extended period of time.

Finally, LED lights are known for their pleasing appearance. When natural light is unavailable in an underground basement, LEDs can provide natural looking illumination.

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