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T8 LED USA MADE Replacement Lamp

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Part Number:
Lumen Output:1591 (WW)
Length:4 feet
Current:230 mA
Voltage:100-277 VAC
Width & Height:1.00" ø
Viewing Angle:120°
Lens Color:
T8 Color Temperature:
Pin Style:

Product Description:

T8 LED Replacement Lamps #T-US-T4-5000K-C-S-P1-18W are USA Made and 100% Recyclable

This USA made T8 LED replacement lamp is mercury free and energy efficient.  The environmentally friendly lighting solution is 100% recyclable and is disposed as non-hazardous waste.  The UL approved LED T8 tube light uses up to 70% less electricity, saving you money on every day usage. LED Lighting, Inc. manufactures high quality LED lighting solutions which work in the most extreme environments and temperatures.  This USA made LED light has a lifetime rating of 50,000 hours making it ideal for daily use in both commercial and residential settings. Installation of this new lighting technology eliminates ballast systems, ensuring this LED T8 tube lighting is a quiet lighting solution.  For cost-efficient, eco-friendly lighting solutions, LED Lighting, Inc. provides the best LED replacement lamps. 

Contact LED Lighting, Inc. today for environmentally-friendly LED tube lighting.

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