Commercial LED Lighting Applications

Light up officescommercial kitchens, restaurants, night clubs, bars, public restrooms, hotels, resorts, casinos, public pools, theaters, garages, displays, retail stores, outdoor parks, sports complexes, and all types of social atmospheres with LED lighting from LED Lighting Inc. Our innovative LED lights are energy-efficient, versatile, programmable and feature extensive color options to bring LED retail displays and social settings to life. Set the mood with LED lighting for your bar or night club and highlight your feature products or sales with retail LED lighting. Shop our full selection LED tape lights, LED Versa Bars, LED Puck Lights and LED tube lights available online or contact LED Lighting Inc. for customizable LED lighting catered to your specific application.

Business LED LightingRetail LED Lighting

Highlight your displays and create a visually sales-leading atmosphere with retail LED lighting from LED Lighting Inc. We supply the most state-of-the-art LED lighting products to create an eye-directing, distinct LED lighting design throughout your retail store. With a full selection of advanced, color-changing and programmable LED tape lights, LED versa bars, and our newest LED lighting technology: the LED Lighting Inc. trademarked Versa Bar 2, your LED retail lighting options are limitless.

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Business LED Lighting

Create a uniquely inviting atmosphere with LED lights for businesses. LED Lighting Inc. supplies quality LED lighting products ideal for lighting up your bars, night clubs, theaters, office lobbies and any social or professional atmosphere. Make a distinct impression with dynamic and programmable LED lighting options. Shop our full selection of LED tape lights, LED tube lights, and LED versa bars, the innovative business LED lighting of the future.

Point of Purchase (POP)

Light up your retail displays or trade show booths with LED lights.  LED Lighting Inc. supplies a vast variety of LED lighting options.  Bring attention and highlight your products in your Point of Purchase display with tape light, Versa Bars, Puck lights and custom LED Flat panels.

Corporate and Industrial LED Lighting

LED Lighting Inc. offers the latest in cost-saving, energy-efficient LED lighting for large scale corporations, industrial facilities and nationwide offices. Our patented and UL listed T8 LED tube lights are the most technologically advanced in their kind.  T8 LED tube lights are the ideal solution to lighting multiple buildings within large corporations at the most efficient cost. Let LED Lighting Inc. provide your company with a greener future. Replace your inefficient HID lights with our energy-efficient, low maintenance, programmable Commercial LED tube lights and save even more money with our LED Retrofit Systems. LED Lighting Inc., the Future of Lighting.

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