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LED Lighting: The Energy Efficient Solution

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Creative & Energy-Efficient LED Lighting Products

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Innovative LED Lighting with Commercial & Residential Appeal

Upgrading a room can cost thousands of dollars, but who wants to spend that amount of money? Cutting and piecing new additions might not be the answer. We provide a better alternative with much less money spent.

Let us introduce you to the LED lightbulb; a revolutionary lighting fixture that's much more energy efficient and cost effective than the traditional bulb. Its luminescent presence instantly adds class to any room and can be placed anywhere. Our LED lighting design company supplies all types of LED styles for homes and businesses, giving them a new lease on life.

LED Lighting Inc. provides lighting fixtures for a variety of applications, including:

Commercial Residential







Outdoor Sculpture



Movie theatre

Concert venue

Outdoor landscape


Home office




Outdoor living

Rec room

Personal bar



Outdoor landscape


Check out our finished LED lighting projects from our commercial and residential photo gallery! 

Custom Lighting Styles from Illinois LED Manufacturer

Have a particular design in mind? Our LED designers work with your ideas and custom-manufacture a product just for you! The finished custom order is crafted with just as much quality and care as our regular inventory of LED lighting products.

We create customized lighting fixtures with your exact specifications:

Endless Variety of LED Lighting Products, Wiring, & Fixtures

We provide the right lighting products for you, no matter the size or style. Browse our selection of LEDs and discover the possibilities of lighting techniques. Upgrading has never been so easy.

Choose from any of the following:  

Brightening Benefits from LED Lights

Choosing LED lights is the best decision, reaping in the everlasting benefits of their beautiful glow. LED lights shine brightly, adding a touch of beauty to commercial and residential areas. Discover how much better LED is, compared to other popular bulb types.

Main advantages in installing LEDs include:

LED Lighting Inc is your top LED light manufacturer, providing a wide variety of products for your specific needs. From Versa Bars to Puck Lights, our selection is the one to beat.

Your #1 Source for LED Products & Lighting

The lighting industry is constantly improving their technology. Lights are smaller, lighter, and brighter than they used to be. Traditional bulbs are now a thing of the past.

We will transform your home or business into a work of art with our variety of lighting designs and fixtures. We also provide all types of colors and hues for mood lighting. LEDs are cost-effective and energy efficient; the perfect solution for upgrading any room. Look to us for your next LED lighting addition. 

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