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Creative & Energy-Efficient LED Lighting Products

We've Moved!

We are pleased to announce that after many years of serving you from Northbrook, we have relocated to Buffalo Grove. Our new facility is equipped with office space and an attached-warehouse, doubling the space of our previous home. During this period of transition, you can follow us on Facebook & Twitter for more updates. We thank you for your continued support through this time of expansion.

LED Lighting Inc. new offices LED Lighting Inc. office confrence room LED Lighting Inc. office
LED lighting company new offices

For more information contact, Samantha@ledlightinginc.com.

Please remember to update your records as our remittance address has changed to: 

1555 Barclay Blvd. Buffalo Grove, IL 60089.

“We believe the proper application of solid state light technologies are making innovative strides that will forever alter the way we banish the darkness, decorating our public space to create comfortable human environments”

Innovative lighting of the future. Creative LED lighting products delivering style and distinction. Custom LED lighting packages creating the most immaculate designs for the modern world. Energy-Efficient lighting solutions for Commercial, Industrial and Residential cost savings. Experience creative, custom, energy-efficient LED lighting technologies from LED Lighting Inc.

Custom LED Lighting For Any Environment

The options are endless with custom LED lighting packages. Create any lighting experience, set any mood, light any area...  Achieve a new level of function and style. LED Lighting Inc. can create the most innovative, cost-effective, energy-efficient lighting design for any blueprint, building, or application.

Custom LED Lighting Applications:

Custom LED Lighting Solutions

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  • Restaurants
  • Night Clubs and Bars
  • Hotels, Resorts and Casinos
  • Theaters and Stages
  • Expo and Trade Show Displays
  • Retail Stores and Malls
  • Kitchen Lighting
  • Basement Bars and Rec Rooms
  • Stair and Under Cabinet Lighting
  • Waterproof Lighting Cove and Access Lighting
  • Outdoor Landscape Lighting
  • Swimming Pool Lighting
  • Government Facilities and Office Buildings
  • Custom Homes, Apartments and Condos
  • Indoor and Outdoor Signs
  • And MORE!

The Future of Lighting

Energy-Efficient, Cost-Saving T5, T8 and T12 Replacement LED Tube Lights, effectively changing the future of lighting for large scale corporations, industrial facilities and offices. Technologically advanced, patented and UL listed, T8 LED tube lights are the ultimate money saving solution for lighting buildings upon buildings and offices upon offices. Let LED Lighting Inc. provide your company with a greener future using versatile, energy-efficient, low maintenance, programmable Commercial LED tube lights. The future of lighting.

Custom Illumination Solutions

Contact LED Lighting Inc. for creative, energy-efficient LED Lighting solutions. LED Lighting Inc., the future of lighting.